How it works

Information about @NUMBER price plan

All prices and tariffs are in Ukrainian hrivna, you can find exchange rate for today here

Expiration date unlimited
calls to @TELECOM numbers (code +380894), UAH/min 0
calls to landline numbers (in Ukraine), UAH/min 0,45
calls to mobile numbers (in Ukraine), UAH/min 0,65
long-distance calls rates
incoming calls, UAH/min 0
connection fee, UAH 0
tariffing per second
Voicemail free

The first call

Before making calls, you have to configure your softphone* (enter login and password, which you get while buying a price plan). After successful registration in the network, please dial the number of your party and press Call (“Сall” button).

* - You can find softphone configuration guide, depending on you device-type, by visiting page: "Adjustments"

How to make calls

To make an international call, you should dial: + CC NDC XXX XXXX 
or 00 CC NDC XXX XXXX Call;
To make a call within Ukraine, you should dial: 0 NDC XXX XXXX Call;

  • «+» – plus button on a phone, or compuer keyboard
  • CC – country code
  • NDC – mobile operator, city or regional code (if needed)
  • XXX XXXX – telephone number of a person, you are calling
  • Call – the “Call” button

How check quality of sound

In oder to check the quality of sound:

  • dial *111 Позвонить;
  • leave a voicemail after the signal;
  • listen to the recorded message after the beep.

How to receive calls

To receive a call from Ukraine, a person who's calling you, should dial:

  • from land-line or mobile phone – 089 4ХХ ХХ ХХ Call;

where 089 4ХХ ХХ ХХ – Your telephone number in national format.

To receive a call from abroad, a person who's calling you, should dial:

  • +380 89 4ХХ ХХ ХХ Call;

where 380 89 4ХХ ХХ ХХ – Your telephone number in international format.

Balance Information

To check your current balance, please dial *100 Call from your SIP-phone.

How to refill your balance

You can refill your balance by the following method:

  • Go to the webpage Top up
  • Input Phone number and Refill amount in the Refill Balance section.
  • Press Refill-button
  • After that you'll be redirected to the site of a chosen payment system

How to refill balance with Privat24

  • Go to url:
  • Choose «My payments»
  • In the "Create a new payment" indicate USREOU of "Atlantis Telecom" - 33968051
  • Press Enter
  • Go to the link:
  • Enter the last 6 digits of the number
  • Enter the amount of the payment
  • Pay.

How to recover or change your Password

To recover your password - please contact @TELECOM Customer Service* via email and provide the following information:

  • your phone number (0894ХХХХХХ);
  • email address, you've provided during Price plan purchasing;

After your request is handled, the new password will be sent to your email.

* - contact information can be found below (section "Feedback")

You can change your password on page My Account

Autoresponder Language Settings

on page My Account

How to use Voicemail

Voicemail service is enabled by default. To manage this option go to the page: " My Account ".

You can check voicemail or listen to voice messages, by calling *98 Call from your softphone.


Every time you consume services for more than 30 UAH, you get a 10%-discount for calls to ukrainian mobile- and fixed-operators by the end of current month.

Every time you consume services for more than 50 UAH, you get a 15%-discount for calls to ukrainian mobile- and fixed-operators by the end of current month.


For detailed information, or in case of questions, please contact Customer Service:
via e-mail:
or by call: 
0894 201 888 - in national telephone number format
+380 89 4 201 888 - in international telephone number format

Terms of services

1. Consumer may use incoming and outgoing telecommunication services from the moment of the telephone number activation

2. The consumer has the right to refill his personal account for any amount, but not less than 10,00 UAH. and no more than 3000,00 UAH.

3. Operator will block the services if within 180 calendar days from the time of the last incoming / outgoing call the telephone number remains inactive.

4. The telephone number is considered non-active if there hadn’t been made at least one incoming / outgoing call for 180 calendar days.

5. The Operator sends message to the Consumer's email address, which was specified during registration, within 30 calendar days prior to the date of the blocking of services.

6. The warning message contains:

  • the date of the blocking of services;
  • the date of deactivation of the number;
  • information on the procedure for the return of unused funds, if the account balance of the User is positive;
  • contacts of the Customer Service Department;

7. If within 90 calendar days after blocking the services, the subscriber does not contact the Customer Service Department, the telephone number is deactivated and after 30 calendar days it goes into commercial sale. All user identification and authentication data is deleted.

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